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KAWS – What A Party ORANGE 2020


KAWS – What A Party ORANGE 2020

Sold Painted vinyl sculpture by KAWS, What Party (Black) represents Chum, one of the artist’s unmistakable “toys” in Orange version.

The character is loosely based on Bibendum (known to most as “Michelin Man”), the mascot of the Michelin tyre company. KAWS’ version has the same shapes as “Bib”, except for the face, which has the X-eyes and crossbones of Companion, the artist’s most iconic subject.

What Party (Orange) was made in 2020, measures 28,7×13,5×9,4 cm and is sold in its original packaging. It is part of a sold-out, non-numbered edition.

Chum made his first appearance over 20 years ago and initially had only two postures: one with hands on his hips and chest puffed out, the other in mid-action running. Recently a new look for Chum has appeared, with slumped shoulders, hanging arms and head slightly turned downwards.

The new version of Chum was made for KAWS WHAT PARTY, an exhibition held in 2021 (February 26 -September 5) at the Brooklyn Museum.

The new Chum, more restrained and reflective, is an expression of the spirit of our times and depicts a world upturned by a global health crisis and socio-economic instability.


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