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KAWS – The Promise Grey Edition 2022


KAWS – The Promise Grey Edition 2022

Following the unveiling of his “THE PROMISE” public art installation at Qatar Museum’s Dadu Gardens, KAWS is dropping a new set of vinyl figures and posters for collectors.

The grandiose figures standing in the Dadu Gardens are depicted as two KAWS COMPANION figures in grey and appears draw similarities to the “FAMILY” COMPANION figures that see the larger version appear to pass a globe-like sphere to the child-like version. The figure can be seen as a signature feature at Dadu, which is fitting as it is the Children’s Museum of Qatar.

Fans can now own a replica figurine of the installation. The vinyl figures arrive in three different colored COMPANIONS, including in grey, brown and all-black.
In all the figures, the globe is the same and arrives in the traditional blue and green makeup.


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