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Fools Paradise – Fools Paradise x Super Professional Leon Mario Classic Edition


Fools Paradise – Fools Paradise x Super Professional Leon Mario

Fools Paradise x Tmall sortent Super Professional Leon Mario Blue edition

Fan of Mario and Leon the french movie! Well fool paradise made the best combo here!

Its Super Professional figures. The 8-bit plumber meets French assassin mentor has outpaced the brand’s . Now, Fools Paradise is going back to the beginning (nearly) with the new Sup Pro Essential vinyl art toy which is a 26 Cm version of the Sup Pro XL sculpt. The figure features the familiar load-out with the Bullet Bill-silenced pistol in one hand and a Piranha Plant in the other.

The Sup Pro Essential debuts in four open-edition colorways, something for nearly everyone. For traditionalists there’s the Classic edition in blue.

While the Essential edition design is quite similar to the original figure that came in the very first Super Professional two-figure set (2018) with Peach as Matilda, it is slightly smaller than that first figure (10.24″ vs. 11.81″) and also has the feet together pose rather than the original’s walking pose.

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