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BE@RBRICK SORAYAMA × 2G PINK GOLD Ver. 100% & 400% 2022


BE@RBRICK Hajime Sorayama x 2G PINK GOLDAssorted 400% 100% 2022

Hajime Sorayama, born in 1947, was in his late teens when he began sketching pin-up girls during classes at his Tokyo high school. After a brief experimentation with Greek literature he decided to study art and, soon after his graduation, began working for an advertising company.

It wasn’t until 1972 that he became a freelance illustrator, honing his skills for various clients before later drawing his first robot in 1978. Initially, Sorayama’s skills were enlisted to draw a character loosely based on Star Wars’ C-3PO without breaching copyright laws.

He deviated from the classic visual mould of cyber-heroes and quickly developed a niche which would later lead to worldwide success.

Medicom Toy uses Water transfer technology to ensure unique print placement on each Be@rbrick. This means each Be@rbrick will be special and unique.



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