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BE@RBRICK LFYT X STASH 400% 100% 2021


BE@RBRICK LFYT X STASH 400% 100% 2021

MEDICOM TOY’s popular BE@RBRICK figure is a limited collaboration figure featuring artwork by New York graffiti legend STASH.

A full-fledged SPLATTER PATTERN drawn by STASH on the canvas of the SUBWAY MAP, a New York subway map, exclusively for this collection.

“LAFAYETTE” is printed on the front of the bear’s body and “STASH” is printed on the back.
LFYT logo and STASH label are printed on the back of both legs.
It will be sold as a set of 100% and 400%.

Due to the nature of water-based printing (water transfer printing) and the intention of the artist, there are individual differences in the position of the pattern. This will be a one-of-a-kind special item.

Based in New York, the birthplace of graffiti, he has been active under the name “STASH” since the early 1980s.
With the acceleration of the graffiti movement in the 1980s, the range of artistic pursuits expanded into the fashion scene.
Creation of the “Project Dragon” design studio with FUTURA and collaboration with many major brands including Nike.
In the 90s, he launched his own brand “SUBWARE” and “RECON”, which has flag stores in New York, San Francisco and Japan, became a hot topic in Japan.

As a graffiti legend, he continues to expand his activities and develop various projects.


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