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BE@RBRICK ANDY WARHOL “Cow Wallpaper” 100% & 400% 2022


BE@RBRICK ANDY WARHOL “Cow Wallpaper” 100% & 400% 2022

From Exclusive Kyoto exposition dedicated to Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol drew inspiration from images of popular culture and consumerism and was a leading figure of New York City’s Pop Art movement starting from the early 1960s.

This exhibition is the first major Warhol exhibition in Kyoto. It presents over 200 works exclusively from the collection of The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and includes early works from the 1950s when Warhol worked as a commercial illustrator, iconic 1960s canvas paintings such as the Death and Disaster series, underground films and television shows, commissioned celebrity portraits, and works from Warhol’s later years that touched upon his Catholicism and further entrenched his fame.

Warhol stopped over in Japan during his world trip in 1956 and visited Kyoto. He returned in 1974, Kyoto was a source of inspiration and fascination for Warhol. The exhibition also presents artwork and archival objects emphasizing his relationship with Kyoto and Japan, including drawings, clothing, photographs, and ephemera.

Medicom toy use Water transfer technology to ensure unique print placement on each Be@rbrick. This means each  Be@rbrick will be special and unique.


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